Woolly Aphid Control in Hibiscus

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  • Woolly Aphids are most common pests of Hibiscus. It looks like white cottony mass spread over stems, leaves and branches. 

Symptoms of damage:

  • Pests sucks cell sap/ plant juice from leaves, branches and stems.
  • Which results into deterioration of plant health and weakening.
  • Infested plant part shows cottony mass with moulds growth.
  • THe damaged plant parts show stickiness and slimes.

Control Measure:

  • If aphid population is low, you can just clean it with paint brush or cotton.
  • Wash plant with lukewarm water and keep it under filtered sunlight. 
  • Remove highly affected branches/ twigs with secateur. Wash secateur with warm water after use.
  • Spray Dimethoate 30 EC Half Tea-spoon in 3 litre of water.
  • For long term control and prevention keep Hibiscus under Sunlight or Filtered Sunlight, avoid heavy dose of Urea or Nitrogenous fertilizer, Apply DAP and Organic Manure.

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