Five best Good luck plants for home and offices.

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From ancient times, it is strongly believed that the way wind flows and the way rivers follow natural current, there must be an unknown driving force that nature has accumulated over the period.
It is also believed that the same set of forces or energy flows through every dead or living creature.
The whole universe is designed in peculiar shapes and sizes and it has even evolved to achieve perfection through geometric shapes and placements which enables them to function in harmony.
We bring you five such plants which you can keep in your house to bring positive energy and have a peaceful life.
Though every creature is a product of evolution through natural selection and nature has spent a great amount of energy and time to make it perfect in the true sense.
We will talk about indoor plants only, which are believed to be in geometric harmony and gives a sense of positive energy.
The most likely good luck plants are as follows-

Money plant
Good luck bamboo
Peace Lily
Crassula Moneymaker

Money plant
Money plant/ Pothos/ Scindapsis is a widely accepted and cultivated indoor houseplant. It is an evergreen, climbing type of herbaceous plant which grows and spread without much complaining about your attention.
As it adds more leaves to it irrespective of whether you add banknotes to the account or not, in the true sense it is a money plant.

Good luck bamboo
Good luck bamboo is made from stems of the Dracena sanderiana plant and arranged in a multilevel circle. It grows roots from the bottom nodes and leaves at the upper nodes.
Lucky bamboo needs your attention and care for good growth and development.
It brings order to your routine as you may need to change the water of the bowl in which you grow it. Also, the multilevel arrangement of the stem gives a sense of orderly growth. It is one of the most widely used plants to attract positive energy.

Peace Lily
Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum is a low growing evergreen flowering plant. When the dark is over light follows, when struggles fade success follows, and when sorrows end happiness enters likewise when the leaf matures flowers appear.
Every life event is two-sided. Once you make peace with the dark foliage over a period the plant bears striking pure and pious white spikes of a beautiful flower which is nothing but a torch of good luck and happiness.
Peace Lily certainly brings Good luck and teaches us to overcome the struggles with patience and persistence.

Crassula Moneymaker
Crassula is a succulent plant and it grows fine on limited resources. It requires less water to grow, and never complains about the growing media in which you plant it. From rock crust to sandy loam soils it will grow absolutely fine.
The stout stem and coin-shaped leaves make Crassula moneymaker a favourite plant among beginners.

Sansevieria or Snake plant or Mother-in-law's tongue is also considered a good luck plant. It has many varieties which come in different colours and sizes.
If you are looking for good luck plants for darker rooms or to keep them under complete shade, then Sansevieria makes a good choice.
Keep it underwatered. Excess water with low room temperature may harm the plant.

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