Top five common plants for every Indian household.

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Indian households have their preferences for plants and these are strictly based on utility aspects or religious obligations.
Most Indian household has one or two plants from the following lists.

1. Tulasi
Most Hindu families have a long tradition to pray Tulasi plant in the morning. Tulasi is botanically Ocimum sanctum which loosely translates oxygen giving sacred plant. As the name suggests Tulasi has many good aromatic and medicinal properties.

Tulasi is an outdoor plant which requires an ample amount of sunlight. It grows well in red soil having well-decomposed compost. It doesn't tolerate water-logging conditions. If you are watering it daily due to religious obligations, make sure water is not stagnating in a pot for a longer period.

2. Hibiscus
Another most common plant in an Indian household is Hibiscus. This is again for religious use. As it flowers almost throughout the year, the flowers are used to offer God and goddesses.
Hibiscus is an outdoor plant and it bears flowers on younger or new branches. Pruning is advised once or twice a year for more branches and profuse flowering. Hibiscus responds well to maturing and it is a heavy feeder.

3. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has its fan following as its leaves are used by all age groups. It has many medicinal properties. The pulp is extracted from mature leaves and used for making facial masks, used as an aftershave or can be beaten with ice and drink raw by diabetic people to lower the sugar.

Aloe Vera is succulent and requires a good amount of sunlight, low water and bigger pots to grow it properly. The more space you will provide for its growth, the more children it will produce. The side suckered can be transplanted to a new pot or simply kept it grow further.

4. Lemongrass
Once you make deities happy by offering them flowers and freshen up by using Aloe Vera - Chai toh banata hain... But what if your Chai is served with some more anti-oxidant and the fresh smell of grass oil.
Lemongrass is medium growing grass whose leaves have some medicinal and aromatic properties. It is used in the preparation of much Ayurvedic preparation.

5. Curry leaves
The leaves of the curry leave plant are used in making a variety of Indian dishes from morning breakfasts to different curries for lunch and dinner.

Curry leaves is an outdoor plant, which requires direct or indirect sunlight. Curry leaves the plant as a medium growing shrub. The new varieties can be grown in a pot and with help of proper training and pruning, they can be made into a low growing bush. It gives more branches if the main branch is cut at a desirable height.

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