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Being with plants means fresh air, eye-soothing sights, a sense of caring and belonging, and giving without expecting anything in return.

A small plant on the desk doesn't ask you for more than a cup of water every alternate day, and exposure to optimum sunlight. You can share anything with plants and they do respond with trust and integrity. Plants are good listeners.

A desk plant is more than a plant sitting and occupying your unused space. It adds intangible good things to your portfolio and exuberates good vibes.
We suggest you FIVE best in class indoor desk plants which are easy to keep and care for -

Money plant
Money plant is the most common, evergreen and easy-peasy plant for any beginner. If kept unattended it will grow as a vine naturally but if the tip of the growing branch is cut off then it grows into a thick bushy plant due to more side branches.

Red Aglaonema
Red Aglaonema grows to a limited height up to 1 to 1.5 feet height and then starts producing suckers. This plant is also known as the Chinese evergreen. It makes to beautiful desk plant.

Dwarf sansevieria
The dwarf varieties of Sansevieria like Golden hahnii and green hahnii make good desk plants.
These can be grown in different types of growing media or simply put in a glass jar filled with water.

Peace Lily
Peace lily or Spathiphyllum is an indoor flowering plant. It is a voracious feeder and responds very well to manure and fertilisers, it grows well in soilless growing media like cocopeat, and pot- mix having perlite and vermiculite. It also requires indirect sunlight for good growth and development.
Peace Lily bears white snake hood-like flowers.

Crassula Moneymaker
Crassula is a succulent plant which means it can grow very well on little water.
It is an evergreen, miniature, low growing plant with a stout stem and leathery leaves.

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