Top five indoor plants for offices.

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Office plants are expected to be evergreen, easy to care for, clean, and tidy. We are giving best in class office plants which will not only help you in elevating your corporate image but also improve your office space.

These are the plants which make our list of the best office plants -

1. Pothos or money plant
Pothos or money plant varieties are used in different shapes and forms. It can be kept at the reception mixed with other plants, on the desk in small pots, or on the floor trained over moss poles.
Pothos has 6 major varieties which are widely used Jade, Neon, Varigated, Marble Queen, Aureum, and Pictus.
It grows well in semi-shade to shade conditions, it is a heavy feeder and responds well to manure and fertiliser.

2. Areca palm
It is the most common and most loved office plant which can be kept in a passage, corridor, reception, office cabin, or to fill any corner of the office.
Areca palm grows well under indirect or filtered sunlight and in spaces having access to good air circulation.
Avoid overwatering, keep media drained, and clean leaves occasionally to avoid mites infestation.

3. Philodendron
Philodendrons have many varieties to use as office plants, most of them are climbing type, and a few other are erect growing and produces side suckers.
These are evergreen, foliage plants. Use well-drained growing media, add a handful of manure once a month, and clean leaves with a cotton fibre cloth.

4. Sansevieria
Sansevieria is a clean and tidy evergreen foliage plant valued for its erect growing sword-like leaves.
These plants adapt to darker rooms, require less water and grow well with low care and maintenance. It can be watered once a week.

5. Aglaonema
If you are looking for a low growing, erect, evergreen foliage plant, then you can go for Aglaonema.
There are two major groups of Aglaonema - green and red.
Green aglaonema has larger leaves, easy to grow and maintain compared to red varieties.
The green varieties are mostly used as floor plants whole red varieties are preferred as desk plants.

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