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Bamboo is a very hardy plant and requires less or no care.  Bamboo is known for its beautiful stem and dense leaves.

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: It can grow in any type of garden soil or pot mix. Bamboo is a grass and it has a fibrous root system which means its root doesn't deep in the ground. So, top-soil should be firm, fertile, and rich in organic matter. Soil should be well-drained and good water holding capacity. 

Water: Bamboo requires a moderate amount of water for its growth and development. 

Climate: Bamboo is a tropical plant, which grows well under full sunlight. It grows well under moderate humidity 

Garden Use: It is widely used for container gardening, mass effect n garden and creating a tall hedge,

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Bamboo is a voracious feeder. It responds well to organic and inorganic manures and fertilizers. Apply two to three handful of organic manure or vermicompost once in two months. 

Protection: Bamboo is tolerant to most of the pests and diseases. The leaves may turn yellow or brown under no availability of light or water. which can be corrected by following general horticultural operations. 

Horticulture Operations: It may require pruning of the leaves and branches. Being a voracious feeder, you may need to repotting with bigger pots and rich garden-soil or pot-mix. 

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