Aglaonema 'Silver Queen in 12 cm Pot

Aglaonema 'Silver Queen in 12 cm Pot


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Aglaonema is the most common and celebrated indoor plant. They are robust, strong and maintenance-free house plants valued for silver-green foliage.

Plant requirement:

Soil: Soil should be well-drained, rich in organic matters, and good water holding capacity.

Water: Aglaonema requires very little care, watering on every alternate day keeps plant hydrated. Spraying of water and wipe with a cotton cloth is advised to keep leaves clean and shiny. 

Climate: It is a tropical plant. Aglaonema can be grown under partial to full shade conditions. It grows well under the temperature range from 28 to 32 degrees and has good air humidity. It requires partial shade or filtered sunlight but in dark it grows tall and lanky.

Garden Use:

Aglaonema is widely used as a pot plant. It is one of the most admired houseplants around the world. 

Care and Maintenace: 

Nutrition: Aglaonema is a voracious feeder, it requires an ample dose of manure. Manuring after every two months keeps plants healthy. 

Protection: The un-healthy plants are susceptible to yellowing, rotting, and woolly aphids. Manuring and repotting are advised for lanky, unhealthy and outgrown plants. 


Ask a Question
  • How often should I water it & the amount of water used? Is it normal if some of the lower leaves start drying up in winter? Mine gets evening sun..

    Agloenema is semi-shade loving plant. It can grow absolutely fine if it is getting evening sunlight. The indoor plants requires less amount of water compared to outdoor plants. You can add one glass of water (6cm pot) twice a week. Water it slowly and thoroughly. If plant is exposed to wind and sunlight, water it thrice a week. 
    Drying of lower leaves is common, the older leaves turns yellow to brown and then dry off. You can cut it using sharp seacteurs, leaving leaf petiole on stem. 
    If whole plant is showing drying symptoms, check if it is getting enough water and sunlight. If not, regularise the water interval and let the plant grow younger leaves.

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