Allamanda cathertica

Allamanda cathertica


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Product Description: Allamanda is a very hardy and robust plant.

It is widely admired for its yellow bell-shaped flowers. Allamanda flowers profusely.

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Soil should be well-drained, rich in organic matter and good water holding capacity, It can withstand loamy, alluvial, black, and red laterite soil as well.

Water: Potted Allamanda requires good water twice a week, Ground planted allamanda can be watered on a weekly basis.

Climate: It requires full sunlight to grow. It can not withstand cold temperature and high winds. 

Garden Use: Allamanda can be used to cover the land with perennial flowering, It can be planted in borders or at compound walls where sunlight is in abundance.  

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Manuring at the start of each season and well-pulverized soil is essential for good growth of the plant. 

Protection: Allamanda grows very fast and gives many branches which in results can hamper plant health. Keep selective well-grown branches and prune out criss-cross, diseased and dried branches from time to time. Keep good aeration and sunlight exposure by selective pruning and training. 



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