Alocasia Bambino Arrow in 12 cm Pot

Alocasia Bambino Arrow in 12 cm Pot


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 Alocasia is also known as "Elephant Ears" due to its peculiar leaf shape. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Soil should be rich in organic matter, good water holding capacity, and well-drained. It grows in marshy or waterlogged conditions as well. 

Water:  It doesn't require any special care. Watering should be done thoroughly on every alternate day. 

Climate: Alocasia is a shade-loving plant. It grows well in areas having filtered sunlight. High temperatures and winds can damage their leaves. Direct sunlight may cause burning of the leaves. 

Garden Use: Alocasias can be planted in waterlogged areas or under big trees and palms. These plants are valued for their beautiful big leaves.  

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: It is a high feeder plant, manuring can be done once in two months. The manure should be well decomposed and mix thoroughly in the soil at the time of application. 

Protection: Check plant is getting optimum shade and is away from windy places. Dry air and sunlight may cause damage to the leaves. 


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