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Aloe varieties


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 Aloe are the most common and well-known group of succulents among gardeners, and hobbysts. The plant is valued widely for its medicinal use. The plant has leathery leaves and translucent or blue pulp inside. It has thick thorns on leaf margins.  The dwarf varieties are decorative and good options to gift someone. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Soil should be well-drained and bread crumble textured for good growth and support. If the soil is loose, plants get toppled due to heavy weight of the leaves and weak stem. Soil should be firm. It grows well in difficult or un-productive soils. 

Water: It requires less amount of water. One glass of water twice a week is sufficient under ambient climatic conditions. During  the rainy season or if the air humidity is high it can go without water for 5 to 7 days. 

Climate: Aloe loves full or filtered sunlight. They are sunlight loving plants. If it doesn't get enough sunlight, the leaf color fades or changes to pale. 

Garden Use: Aloe is mainly domesticated or cultivated for its medicinal uses and its air purification qualities.  

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Aloe doesn't demand a special nutrition schedule but well-decomposed organic manure can helps in good growth. Avoid concentrated or inorganic fertilizers. 

Protection: Occassionaly it attracts aphids and mites which can be avoided by cleaning the leaves or keeping plants under sunlight.  Avoid basal rot by removing rotted leaves and cleaning with a dry cotton cloth. Keep it under dry and light conditions. 


Ask a Question
  • Which colour is Aloe barbadensis blooming?

    Aloe barbadensis is valued for its translucent gel which has medicinal values. Typically it takes about 3 to 4 years to flower and mostly it flowers during summertime. The flowers are yellow or orange in colour.

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