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Anthurium in 12 cm Pot


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Heart-shaped leaflike flowers and dark green leaves make anthurium, a plant of choice among gardeners and hobbyists. It doesn't have a distinctive stem. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Anthurium can grow without soil. It grows well in coconut chips or cocopeat, which helps it in developing good roots and support overall plant growth. 

Water: The soil or growing media should be wet. It requires wet media or soil. Water a glass of water every alternate day to keep growing media or soil wet. Avoid water stagnation at any stage of plant development.  

Climate: Anthurium is a humidity loving plant. It requires abundant water and semi-shade to shade micro-climatic conditions. It grows well under filtered sunlight or shady areas. Avoid direct sunlight and dry air. The ideal temperature is 18 to 28 degrees Celcius. 

Garden Use: Anthurium is widely used as a pot plant by house dwellers, gardeners, and hobbyists. It can be grown under trees or on the tree trunk under high humidity.  

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Anthurium requires a good amount of nutrition preferably through organic manure or slow-release fertilizers.   

Protection: Anthurium attracts mites and whiteflies occasionally which can be taken care by cleaning of the leaves and pot. Anthurium is affected by bacterial and fungal diseases, avoid it by using clean soil or growing media, clean tools, and water. 


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