Areca Palm - Dypsis lutescens


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 Areca palm is a low maintenance plant. Being a palm its evergreen doesn't shed leaves and clean plant with lush green feather-shaped leaves. It is also the most common petted palm among gardeners, hobbyists, and house dwellers. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Areca palm requires well-drained, firm, and rich soils for its growth and development. Soil should be rich in organic matters. It grows well in soilless media like cocopeat or soil mixed with sand.  

Water: Areca palm is a water-loving plant. One glass of water every alternate day is enough. Extra water may cause rotting of the stems. 

Climate:  It grows well under semi-shade to full sunlight condition. Areca palm requires optimum sunlight. Under low light it fades color and turns pale. 

Garden Use: Its most celebrated palm because it can fit almost any corner of the garden. It is used as a pot plant, border plantation, or specimen in the garden. It gives the best privacy due to its thick feathery leaves. 

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Areca palm is a moderate feeder. It responds well to manures and fertilizers. One handful of well-decomposed farmyard manure or vermicompost once in two months can be applied and mixed in top-soil. Mix thoroughly and water well after the application of nutrition dose. 

Protection: Occassionaly you may find white woolly aphids underneath leaves, which can be cleaned by cotton swab and normal tap water. Black spots on leaves and rotting of the stem are the most common diseases in Areca palm which can be controlled by occasional cleaning of the plant and pots, and manging water application. 


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  • What is the height of this areca palm measuring along with 18 cm pot?

    The 18cm Pot Areca Palm is 45 to 60 cm tall.

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