Bougainvillea sanderiana 'Rose-Pink' - 12cm Pot

Bougainvillea sanderiana 'Rose-Pink' - 12cm Pot


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Bougainvillea is most celebrated as an outdoor plant. It is available in different colors. It bears papery flowers which cover the whole plant. It is commonly said about bougainvilleas that - less you nourish more it flourishes.  

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Bougainvillea can sustain any type of soils but not marshy or sub-merged soils. Soil should be well-drained and good water holding capacity. It grows well in any type of garden soil or pot-mixes. Rich soils definitely help it in attaining good vigor and flourish. 

Water: It requires very little water to grow. I can be thoroughly watered in 2 to 3 days if planted in a pot. Do not water overhead, add water at its base, to avoid damaging flowers. 

Climate: Bougainvillea loves sunlight. It requires direct sunlight for flowering. It grows well under semi-shade conditions but it may affect the flowering. 

Garden Use: Bougainvillea is a very hardy plant. It can be trained as a shrub or left to grow as a climber. It is celebrated for its colors and plant of choice for garden coloring, flower hedge, border plantation, and shrubberies. 

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: It doesn't demand any special nutrition schedule. Manuring with well-decomposed manure or vermicompost is advised twice a year for good growth and development. 

Protection: Bougainvilleas doesn't attract pests or diseases. Occasionally wilting of the plants may occur which can be prevented by following good inter-cultural operations. 

Horticulture Operations: Prune or remove unwanted, diseased, and dead branches from time to time. 


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