Calla Lilly - Zantedeschia


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Calla lilies add a whole new style to your garden. It is best for perennial, container, or balcony garden. It grows well under semi-shade to filtered sunlight conditions. Calla lilies are easy to grow and it grows up to 2 to 2.5 feet tall. Which makes them a good choice for front side plantation. 

These are widely admired as cut flowers also. 


Ask a Question
  • Do you deliver the exact what is shown here

    Yes. We always try our best to deliver true to type plants, but since the plants are biological product it is very hard to get identical copies.

  • could you please let me know what feed to use for flowering of calla lilies and the amount of sunlight it requires

    Calla is a sun-loving plant, put it under filtered or indirect sunlight. Most plants respond well to soils amended with organic matter. Compost is a wonderful form of organic matter with a good balance of nutrients and an ideal pH level, it can be added to your planting area at any time. If compost is not available, top dress the soil after planting with 1-2 inches of organic mulch, which will begin to breakdown into compost.

  • Will u send seeds or the bloomed flower itself?

    We are delivering near bloom plants. Preferably we are shipping it in the foliage stage. It blooms very quickly.

  • Are these plants in flowering condition and what is the bloom time?

    We ship only blooming plants.

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