Ficus benjamina "Golden King" in 12 cm Pot

Ficus benjamina "Golden King" in 12 cm Pot


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 Product Description:

It is available in 7-inch pot. Ficus benjamina "Golden King" is new breed and has light green leaves. These plants are used for container gardening, topiaries and hedges.


Soil Requirement: 

It grows well in black cotton soil or red soil or poyta soil. It has strong root system and can tolerate any soil type from alluvial to murrum. It grows well under soil pH ranging from 6.5 to 7.5. Soil should be well-drained, rich in organic matter and good water holding capacity.

If you are growing it in the pot, the soil should be enriched with organic matters and some slow-release fertilizers to support its growth. 

Climate Requirement:

Ficus benjamina favors tropical and sub-tropical conditions. It loves full sunlight, but if you are growing it indoor occasional sunlight exposure may help it grow better. It can not grow well under full shade areas. 

Garden Uses:

Ficus benjamina is widely used for border plantation, bio-fencing, or it can be turned into nice topiaries. If kept untouched it grows into a full tree of the height of 2 to 3 storey house. 

Care and Maintenace:

If you are growing it in a pot, special care is needed to balance source and sink. Since pot plants get limited nutrients, the pot-bound plants should be given proper training and pruning to avoid load on the plant. 

The ground planted plants can be shaped as per your desire. If you want thick foliage and green lush leaves, frequent pruning is advised. Watering twice a week is advised. Avoid overwatering. 




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