Fiddle Leaf Fig - Ficus lyrata


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Valued for its large leaves, Ficus lyrata or Fiddle Leaf Fig is the best indoor plant - that requires low or no maintenance. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Grows well in red or loamy soil, Soil should be well-drained, rich in organic matter, and good water holding capacity. 

Water: Ficus lyrata requires optimum water. Keep growing media dry to touch in between two consecutive watering cycles. Water it regularly to maintain humidity. 

Climate: It is a tropical plant that loves to soak in morning or indirect sunlight, it grows well under temperature range 18 degrees Celcius to 32 degrees Celcius. Pamper it with water spray during hot and dry climatic conditions. 

Garden Use: It is mostly used as a pot plant. 

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Ficus lyrata is a medium feeder, it gives a good response to organic manure and fertilizers. For healthy lush green leaves check on nitrogen and calcium level of the growing media. 

Protection: Spraying of fungicide and acaricide is advised. Check the spiders underneath the leaves and spray any acaricide with the advice of plant technicians. 

Horticulture Operations: Clean leaves with tap water. Spray water on and around the plant during the hot and dry season. If you are run short on time just place the plant in the water tub. 




Ask a Question
  • What is the height of the three stem plant without pot?

    The height of the 3 stem plant without pot is 35-45 cm

  • Is this the dwarf variety?

    No. This is not the dwarf variety. It's regular Fiddle Leaf Fig variety.

  • Could you please share the real pic of 20 cm pot of fiddle leaf fig plant? What is the height of the plant with pot?

    We have posted a real pic only. The height of the plant with pot is 60 cm

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