Haworthia pentagona in 10 cm Pot

Haworthia pentagona in 10 cm Pot


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 Haworthias are a group of small succulent plants that are popular among gardeners for there varied leaf colors, forms, and texture, and also they are admired for their small stature. They closely look like aloe plants except for their flower colors. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Soil should be well-drained, coarse, and bread crumb textured. 

Water: It requires comparatively less water, it can be watered once a week depends on climatic conditions. During rainy and high humid conditions you can skip the watering cycle for a week or two. Keep the media dry to touch between two watering cycles. 

Climate: Generally it is thought that being a desert plant, Haworthia requires full exposure to sunlight. Haworthia can be grown in semi-shade conditions. Under the full shade, the plant grows pale and lanky and may not give a good color appearance. If exposed to direct sunlight leaf may show scorching. 

It can be grown under the temperature range from 18 degrees Celcius to 32 degrees Celcius. Under prolonged humid conditions, leaves may be translucent and rot. 

Garden Use: Haworthias mostly used a pot plant or to develop terrariums and dish gardens or miniature gardens. 

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Haworthia is a poor feeder, it doesn't require a special nutrition schedule to follow. Repot plant with fresh cactus and succulent media.

Protection: Haworthia is a clean plant. It doesn't attract any pests or diseases. The most common pests are Mealybugs which can be easily controlled by checking overall plant health, cleaning, and removing by brush or cotton cloths. You can use common insect pest repellents like Neem-oil. 

The other major problem is root rot, which can be controlled by checking the water level. 

Horticulture Operations: As the plant grows and multiplies it may require repotting in a bigger pot with cactus and succulents media. 


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