Parlor Palm - Chamaedorea elegans/ Deanthe bella -12cm Pot

Parlor Palm - Chamaedorea elegans/ Deanthe bella -12cm Pot


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 Parlour palm has feather-shaped leaves with oval-slender leaflets. The plant is a hard, clean, and good beginner plant. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Parlor palm grows well in a firm but porous soils. Soil should be well-drained, good water holding capacity, and rich in organic matters. 

Water:  Apply water twice a week, avoid over-watering. It is a moderately watered plant. 

Climate: It grows well under semi-shade or filtered sunlight conditions. Direct sunlight may cause burning of the leaves. It also grows well under moderate to high humid conditions. 

Garden Use: Parlour palm is mostly used as a pot-plant. It can be planted in a group. 

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: It is a moderate feeder. The application of well-decomposed farmyard manure or vermicompost twice a year is advised. Water it thoroughly after the application of manure dose. It responds to nutrition and gives green lush foliage which can be cherished for a very long time. 

Protection: Parlor palm is clean plant. It is susceptible to mealybugs and sucking type of insects which can be prevented by taking care of nutrition and watering of the plant. 

Horticulture Operations: REpotting can be done once in a year with rich pot-mix. If it is not available fortification of existing growing media with manure/ vermicompost and plant in a bigger pot is advised.  


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