Peat Moss - Premium peat moss (10 litre bag)

Peat Moss - Premium peat moss (10 litre bag)

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Peat moss is made from temperate mosses and other living materials decompose in peat bogs. It is mainly used as soil-less potting media or can be mixed with potting soil as an amendment.  

The main advantage of using peat moss is that it doesn't age fast and can be used for years. Also, peat moss doesn't include any harmful insect-pests eggs or disease spores. 

It is one of the safest soilless media to use for foliage and flowering plants. 

We are offering one of the best peat mosses available in the market today.  


Ask a Question
  • Is it peat moss or cocopeat?

    Its peat moss and NOT a cocopeat.

  • Is it acidic in nature? Does this lower the pH value when added to soil? I have been looking for a soil acidifier for my flowering plant.

    Its pH value is 6. This can be described as slightly acidic to near neutral, this range helps in making all major nutrients available to the plants.  It is mostly used as a soil amendment because of — ideal pH value, optimum nutrient levels, good nutrient buffering, and it is free from harmful substances. Peat has a low level of nutrients. A water-soluble base fertilizer providing macro- and micronutrients are indispensable for the optimal start of plant growth.

  • Is this sphagnum peat moss?

    No. It is an Irish peat moss generally harvested from Bogs.

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