Polypodium fern - Polypodium fallax in 12 cm Pot


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As the name suggests - Polypodium refers to its leaf appearance, which looks like having multiple limbs. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Ferns require loose, porous, and crumbled soil or soil-less plant media to grow. Soil should be rich in organic matter, tree fronds, or chips, and we decomposed compost. Soil should be well-drained and good water holding capacity.  

Water: Ferns are semi-aquatic plants, It loves to be wet. Watering is very crucial in growing ferns. 

Climate: Ferns require humidity for good growth. It requires partial sunlight or shade conditions. Direct sunlight results in de-hydration, drying of leaves. It can be kept in balconies, windows or under filtered sunlight. 

Garden Use: Ferns are widely used for making hanging baskets or used as a pot plant. 

Care and Maintenace: Repot in when it has outgrown its pot, using a container that provides good drainage. 


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