Polyscias 'Fabian' in 12 cm Pot

Polyscias 'Fabian' in 12 cm Pot


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Aralias are evergreen shrubs, valued for its peculiar leaves and bushy statures. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Aralias loves well-drained nutrient-rich soils. Soil should be a good drained, rich in organic matter and good water holding capacity. It can be grown in 

Water: Aralias requires a moderate amount of water. One glass of water every alternate day is enough to keep indoor aralias growing. Avoid water-logging as it may cause choking roots and leaf fall. 

Climate: Aralias enjoys filtered sunlight or partial shade. It requires ample sunlight for good foliar growth. The plants grow lanky under full shade conditions. It requires moderate to high humidity to grow. Avoid dry and windy air. 

Garden Use: Aralias are the best plants to cover shade or semi-shade areas of the garden. It adds a good background to red or pale-colored foliage plants.  

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Aralias are voracious feeders. It requires nutrient-rich growing media. Soil should be fortified with well-decomposed manure or vermicompost. Slow-release fertilizers can help in developing green lush foliage. 

Protection: Due to its thick foliage, it's home to aphids, thrips, and while bugs. It is common to see mites dwelling in Aralias' thick foliage. To avoid insect-pest infestation clean the foliage occasionally. Remove diseased and infested branches. Cut or Prune unwanted lanky and thin branches. 


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