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Poultry Manure - Processed Poultry Litter

Poultry Manure - Processed Poultry Litter

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Poultry Manure is considered a soil builder because it helps to improve soil organic matter content of highly weathered soils. It also improves soil microbial activity and helps to increase overall soil health. However, the nutrient content of litter can be extremely variable.

Among the animal manures, poultry droppings have higher nutrient contents. It has nitrogen (4.55 to 5.46 %), phosphorus (2.46 to 2.82 %), potassium (2.02 to 2.32 %), calcium (4.52 to 8.15 %), magnesium (0.52 to 0.73 %) and appreciable quantities of micronutrients like Cu, Zn, Fe, Mn etc. In addition to this cellulose (2.26 to 3.62%), hemicellulose (1.89 to 2.77 %) and lignin (1.07 to 2.16 %) are also present in poultry waste.


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