Spathiphyllum - Peace Lilly in 10 cm Pot

Spathiphyllum - Peace Lilly in 10 cm Pot


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 Peace Lilly is a white flowering evergreen perennial plant. Plants grow around 2 to 2.5 feet in height. Its flowers are a modified leaf and palm-size white color. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Peace Lilly grows well in general pot-mix. Soil should be well-drained, good water holding capacity, and rich in organic matter. It requires soil pH between 6.5 to 7.5. Its feeding roots grow in the subsurface area, for healthier roots good drainage is essential. 

Water: It is a water-loving plant. It requires good moisture to grow. being stemless, it doesn't store water and requires low but frequent watering. 

Climate: Peacelilly grows well in semi-shade or filtered sunlight conditions. If you are growing it indoors, place it at the window-side or in the balcony.  

Garden Use: Peacelilly is mainly grown as Pot plant. It can be used for flower bed-making or in combination with other foliage plants. 

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Peace Lilly is a moderate feeder. It responds well to manure and fertilizer. Application of 2 to three handful well-decomposed farmyard manure or vermicompost is advised. Mix it well in topsoil and water thoroughly. 

Protection: Peacelilly is susceptible to most of the sucking type of pests like aphids, jassids, and thrips. Apart from it, white woolly aphids are most commonly found feeding on the new and old leaves. 

Horticulture Operations: Repotting can be done once in a year. Remove old dry leaves with sharp secateurs or pruners. 


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