White Bird of Paradise - Strelitzia nicolai in 18 cm Pot


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 The White Bird of Paradise or Strelitzia nicolai is the evergreen, lush green, clean and beautiful plant. It is a slow-growing and slow flowering plant. It takes 5 to 6 years to maturity. 

Plant Requirement: 

Soil: Soil should be well-drained, rich in organic matter, and good water holding capacity. Growing media should be well pulverized and fortified with organic matter to support the growth and development of the plant. 

Water: It is a water-loving plant but let the soil dry to touch in between two consecutive watering cycles. Provide a drainage hole to the growing pot. 

Climate: It is a tropical plant, which loves an ample amount of sunlight, air humidity, and warm climatic conditions. Avoid exposing the plant to dry, windy, and full sunlight conditions. 

Garden Use: It is mostly used as a pot plant or can be planted at pool-side, house-entrance, or as a specimen plant in the garden.

Care and Maintenance: 

Nutrition: Add well-decomposed manure in top-soil and pulverize it with a hand cultivator, water it thoroughly to allow nutrition to reach in around the root zone. Avoid heavy manuring and watering as well to avoid decomposition of the stem and roots. 

Protection: It is a clean plant, it doesn't attract any pest or diseases. To avoid any sucking pest damages like a leaf puncture, use neem-oil or any fly repellent pesticides.

Horticulture Operations: Gently swab the leaves by holding it on the palm with normal tap water. Keep under ample sunlight and pamper with barber spray-on weekends. 



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